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Pots : Standard production ware
Everything is made and decorated by hand.

Contact Angad Vohra for ordering details or write to Mantra for quotations etc.
We ship anywhere in India and can do reasonably small orders for local customers. Shipping in India costs 16% of the current price of the pots and includes transit insurance. Shipping is to the nearest station served by our current shippers, Blue Dart Express Limited, or to your doorstep. Export enquiries most welcome. We have the necessary Impex Codes registered.

Business wise, we like to run things very straight. If you wish to order from us please be prepared to pay an advance. We only Invoice you when your order is ready and packed to go and expect to be paid in full before we ship the goods out to you. We take great care over our packing and have a record of under ½ per cent breakage over the years.

Thumbnails of production ware (click to view enlarged image)
Coffee Mugs. 3 sizes Large 275 ml., Medium 250 ml. and Small 200
Beer Mugs. 400 ml.
Bowls 3 sizes that nest. 500 ml., 325 ml. and 175 ml.
Soup Bowls w/spoons 325 ml, Large Soup Bowl 500 ml., Casserole Very Small 500 ml. Casseroles in larger sizes not shown, but available
Serving Dishes 3 sizes Largest is 25 cm dia.
Tea Sets All with 6 cups, creamer and sugar pots.
Candelabra and Candle Stand, Kerosene Lamps w/fittings and Chimneys, Fumers w/ Brass and Clay detachable handles. Clay Pot candles also available. Essential oils not available with us, but can be had from Maroma
Full Plate 25cms. dia., Platter 30 cms dia., Teakwood Stands also available
Assorted Small & Medium Vases, Salt Pots & Chutney Pots w/ Teakwood Spoons, Chutney Server w/Brass and Clay Handle
Medium Jugs. Larger and Smaller ones not shown but available.
Water Filter w/ fitted tap(not shown) Filter Candles can be purchased and fitted easily. This model is for 2 candles and suits families.
Large Jar 32cms ht., Large Planter 35 cms ht., Large Bowl 45cms. diameter
Whats newIntroductionAbout us
Mantra Handmade Pottery, Kottakarai, Auroville 605101 TN India,
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